• Andrew Rodriguez

The colors of Christmas - RED

One of the greatest miracles of Christmas is that Jesus willingly came to us knowing that He would become the sacrifice for our sins on Calvary. When one imagines the brilliant colors of Christmas, they are certainly drawn to the color red.

Red Christmas Baubles

Red is that beautiful color and symbol of Christ's shed blood for the forgivness of men's sins. The writer of Hebrews - in chapter 9:11-14 tells us that Jesus Christ entered into "the holy place". (an old testament tabernacle reference where the sacrifices for atonement were made) It was there that Jesus entered 1 time to make the ultimate atoning sacrifice! It was there, on the cross (that holy place) that Jesus died in my place and yours in order to obtain both your and my redemption. His death, His blood was the cost of purchasing man from his sins back unto God. We rejoice in the color red this Christmas, for it reminds us of the precious redemption that is available through Christ.


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