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Our Mission

It is our prayerful desire and passion to make disciples by loving, obeying and serving Christ through being...


Consistently in the word – Col. 3:16

The word of God is His final and ultimate authority in my life. Allowing the word of God to dwell in me richly is my best hope of becoming most like Christ as a disciple and disciple maker.


Image by Mic Narra


Consciously worshipful
– Ps. 34:1-3

We have been created for God’s glory.  True worship is a life experience. In addition to singing, we offer worship as a community of believers by being in the Word, committing to prayer, and being led by the Spirit.

Image by Zac Durant

Characteristically like Christ – Gal. 2:20

We are to passionately pursue Christ, who gave himself for us.  We are to desire a deep and growing relationship with Him where He is exalted and glorified.



Compassionate in our mission – Mt. 28:19-20

There is a great brokenness in the world. We should strive to make Jesus’ last words our first concern. It is our desire to demonstrate the love of Christ and strive to make disciples both locally and globally.

Food Donation

Committed in service
– Phil. 2:5-7

The ultimate servant, Jesus Christ, is our greatest example.  Christ-like service is essential to the growth of the community of believers.  We strive to use the gifts and resources God has allowed to strengthen the body of Christ and glorify Him.




Caring in our
community - Phil. 2:3-4

We are a family focused fellowship, bound together in Christ.  It is our desire to build this body with love, encouragement, care, and grace.  It is also our burden to be a part of the local community in which we serve, striving to lead them to a relationship with the God who loves them.

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